Limitless Outdoors


This short and concise interactive instruction is meant to help you get started in a powerful and lifelong purposeful adventure with Jesus Christ and his people. Start your journey today by downloading the interactive Limitless App, receiving a free hard copy, or joining one of our Discipleship Groups.

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The First Mile

Session One


Session Two

What is the Gospel?

Session Three

What is a Testimony?

Session Four

What is the Bible?

Session Five

Find Your Church

Session Six

Serving God Everyday

Session Seven Part 1

Making Disciples

Session Seven Part 2

The Next Mile

"Hiking Further"
Resources for your Christian Walk

The following are a few suggested resources to help you and those around you grow in your continuous walk with the LORD.

  1. Forgiveness and Reconciliation Workbook through Family Discipleship Ministries
  2. Studying the bible free online resource
  3. Study Bible Recommendations – MacArthur Study Bible NKJV or Thomas Nelson Study Bible
  4. YouVersion Bible App – Read God’s Word and find reading plans to keep you growing and
    consistent through your phone (app store)
  5. Dwell App – Listen to God’s Word being read with background music on your phone (app store)
  6. The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller
  7. Marriage Discipleship Study through Family Discipleship Ministries
  8. Parenting Discipleship Study through Family Discipleship Ministries
  9. Dinner Table Devotional by Nancy Guthrie
  10. Spiritual Gifts Test Online
  11. The Treasure Principal by Randy Alcorn