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The first copy of The First Mile is absolutely free! However, if you’d like to order additional copies of The First Mile please use this page to receive one with your donation of $7. Those $7 will cover the cost of printing and shipping an additional copy of The First Mile to you. Thank you so much!


8 reviews for The First Mile – Extra Copies

  1. Monte Stover

    Praise the lord for all your testimonies.

  2. David Jordan

    Great message with every hunt. Wish i could be there to share the experience. I have elk hunted Idaho in the past but coupled with the difficulty in acquiring a non resident tag and my age i may never get to experience it again but i do cherish the memories that god has allowed me have.

  3. Olin

    The show limitless outdoors is top shelf and every week it gives me hope and keeps me on track to do my best

  4. Timothy J. Hill

    The messages you give with each show are truly uplifting and inspirational

  5. Buckley F Judkins

    Jesus is my lord and savior

  6. Patricia Ann Perry

    saw you on TV..looked amazing

  7. Tim Mitchell

    I’m so glad I found your hunting show on you tube , I’m a new Christian and member of Fallon church of Christ in Fallon Nevada . I need these to disciple thise I now teach in adult Bible study thank you so much !

  8. Douglas Tones

    Can’t wait to read this book.

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