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Limitless Outdoors is not a company. We are a movement. Hunters with a higher purpose than the kill. We are passionate in our love for Jesus and want to continue the radical work He began over 2,000 years ago! 


Non-Profit 501(c)3 propelled by partners in Christ


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Our Story

Founded in 2013 Limitless Outdoors is growing to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ within the Hunting Community

In an age where Christianity has become subdued and regulated to a mundane religious routine we want to show people first hand that walking with Jesus is as wild as the places and animals we hunt. We are breaking the mold of stuffy religion and staged hunts to bring you hunting as it is and Jesus as He should be. In some of our hunting videos we spend 1-2 minutes talking about the practical application of who God is and what that means for us.

If you want to learn more you can head over to our sub-channel ‘Limitless Outdoors – The Word‘ and listen to some of the full-length Gospel messages that are uploaded each week.

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Our Mission

To conduct our business and life in a manner that reflects Christ.  To recognize and help others recognize God’s hand and will in all we do.  It is our goal to share not only our lives and hunts with everyone, but the word of God.  “To know Jesus and to make Him known.”  This is what we strive to achieve in all we do.  

Our Vision

Limitless Outdoors exists to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the hunting community through high quality videos, large group Beast Feasts, and to provide trips and retreats for pastors & leaders.

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Welcome to our Family

Justin Gibbins

Hunter - Evangelist

Justin is the Founder of Limitless Outdoors. The husband of an amazing wife, Charlotte, and the father of five wonderfully and fearfully made children; Madilyn, Oliver, Scott, Thea, and Kody Ann. Justin has a passion for reaching people far form God and teaching them in a way that is plain to understand and powerful leading to changed lives.

Justin grew up hunting and fishing in the mountains of North Idaho and that is when he fell in love with all things hunting. After starting and running a successful business in his early 20’s he came to faith at the age of 26 and immediately left everything to pursue training for pastoral ministry. His radical conversion led him to the passionate preaching of God’s word. Justing has a burden for those far from the joy of walking with Jesus and sees the outdoor community as a people group that he is uniquely called to and able to reach. Justin sees Limitless Outdoors as a God-crafted ministry made for such a time as this!

Andrew Pryor

Discipleship Coordinator

Andrew Pryor was born and raised in San Diego California. Grew up surfing and traveling the world hunting for the perfect wave. Got married to Kelley in 2006 and had a rough marriage until Jesus crashed into their darkness in 2009. He graciously gave both Kelley and Andrew a new heart saving not only their souls but their marriage as well. Andrew and Kelley have 5 children here on earth and one is with Jesus. They relocated as a family in 2019 to North Idaho with a dream to homestead and have since been raising most of their food on 28 acres and feel blessed to live out their dreams. 

Andrew met Justin Gibbins through Limitless YouTube videos and began attending a church he pastored in Bonners Ferry, ID.  He saw a radical passion in Justin to give the gospel and knew that this was something he wanted to be a part of since Andrew had a similar passion. Andrew joined the Limitless team as a director of assimilation and follows up with new believers as well as those wanting to be discipled through the First Mile.


Brandon Leonard

Beast Feast Coordinator

Brandon was born and raised in the country in Central California. He grew up hunting and fishing with his father, who also taught him marksmanship, archery, and business skills while owning and operating an archery shop. Brandon attended college in Long Beach, CA and Fresno, CA where he studied Business and received a Master’s of Arts in Mathematics. Brandon is married to the most wonderful woman in the world, Lynsee, and has three beautiful daugthers; Emma, Kate (who lives in Heaven), and Sarah. The Lord provided an opportunity for Brandon and his family to relocate to Idaho and they faithfully moved.

When not spending time with his family, Brandon can be found felling trees, fishing on pristine lakes, and hunting during most of the available seasons. Brandon is also involved in ministry within his local church and enjoys using the spiritual gifts God blessed him with to further the reach of the Gospel.


Shane Foutch

Hunter & Videographer

Shane grew up in the mountains of North Idaho learning to trap and hunt from his tough and tenacious father. It was on those long arduous hunts that Shane was shaped into the unbelievable woodsman than he is today. His hardcore and limit-pushing hunts capture everyone’s attention. His is a husband to his amazing wife Esther and father of six children; Salvador, Lena, Dawna, Jolene, Sophia, and Uriah.

Shane’s focus on our team is to capture video content for our YouTube channel and Beast Feasts. This taks him into the field more days than not for everything from creek fishing to Alaskan Moos. If he’s not hunting he is assisting someone on a hunt or running the camera for someone on the team. Shane has a real passion to see people come to salvation and his salt-of-the-earth wisdom and lifestyle are a blessing to anyone who meets him. You can expect Shane to ‘tell it like it is’ and to never compromise his word or his beliefs.


Proverbs 27:17

As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.


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